Following CDC recommended guidelines and working with the City of Fort Myers the RDA will be announcing events on a month to month basis.
Our shops, bars and restaurants are open for business and we hope you continue to support our local mechants and owners.

Musician Application


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Showcased in our Music Walk monthly the 3rd Friday of each month, this FREE event is held for the public. This event offers local and regional artists ages 17 and over a professional venue in which to display their talent.

Are you available monthly?

Musical genre?

How many are in your group?

Do you require electricity?

Do you perform professionally?

If so, where?

  • Sound will be limited to 35 decibles as to notinterfere with others in your area. A representative of the River District Alliance is present before, during and after all performances and will be coming around to ensure your sound level is appropriate for your assigned area to limit interference with other artists and businesses.
  • If an RDA representative or a business owner asks you to turn down your music, please do so. Failure to comply may result with you being asked to leave and not invited back for future Events.
  • The musician is responsible for the transportation of themselves and equipment, equipment set-up, equipment breakdown, etc. before, during and after all performances. Set up cannot begin until 5pm day of and load out should be completed by 10:30pm day of. Performance time is from 6pm to 10pm.
  • If necessary, you will be provided with limited electricity flow. If you are connecting to them, please be aware that too much wattage will cause the fuse to blow and you will be out of power and a spot for the night and responsible for any charges from the city.
  • The musician is held responsible for any damage caused to the area(s) in which they are scheduled to perform – i.e., damage to the stage area(s), grassy or paved area(s), lobby area(s), etc.
  • The River District Alliance is not responsible for any damaged equipment brought to the performance by the musician. In turn, we agree to exercise the same care and respect of equipment as we do in the safe keeping of our own property.

NOTE: Return of this application is required and will help us improve Music Walk and ensure that everyone who participates is equally represented at this event.