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Coffee Connoisseur


May 25, 2024 10am-12pm


2200 Edwards Drive
Fort Myers FL 33901


Ashley Gray and Katie Wendorf
(239) 314-3723

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Indulge your senses and embark on a journey into the rich and aromatic world of coffee with our Coffee Connoisseur Class, hosted by master coffee roaster Ulli Winckler! This entertaining class includes a live coffee roasting demonstration, unlimited coffee, freshly baked assorted pastries, and a personalized certificate of completion. You'll also learn about the history of coffee, different coffee varieties, and roasting methods.

Whether you're a budding home barista or simply passionate about your daily cup, our this class promises to elevate your appreciation for coffee to new heights. Uncover the secrets behind a perfect pour and master the skills to savor the nuances of each sip, transforming your coffee routine into a truly refined and gratifying experience. Join us on this flavorful expedition and awaken your inner coffee connoisseur.