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MH Wildlife & Fine Art Gallery

Date: June 20 - June 25, 2016

Welcome to Marc Harris Wildlife, Nature & Fine Art Gallery

Best known for his work documenting the subtropical wilderness of the Florida Everglades, Marc ventures deep into the wetland ecosystem, marshes and swamps of this diverse habitat to photograph its extraordinary wildlife and landscapes. Through his photographic eye, the visitor is introduced to a world of unspoiled, wild and remote Florida up close.

Marc is a wildlife supporter, in nature to observe the abundant and sometimes endangered species of wading and migratory birds, diverse plant life, reptiles and mammals. He invites you along on a journey experiencing special moments captured forever. "I have always found peace in the outdoors. A purist at heart, I have spent years in the wilderness becoming familiar with the behaviors of its creatures and inhabitants. I invite you to view nature at its core."

All photographs are taken in the wild as I observe what happens naturally. In nature I am there as a witness only. I want authenticity in my photography of animals - privileged views and actions most people would never have the opportunity to see. I would never touch an animal, move it or use baiting to draw them out. My passion is being part of the wild and if I get the shot I feel I was rewarded by Mother Nature for allowing me to capture the moment in time. So I hope you stop in, connect with the outside world as we leave nothing behind but footprints and enjoy a view of our spectacular world of wildlife. http://www.MarcHarrisWildlife.com

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