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In Search for the Metal Muse: Juxtapositions in Disarray

Date: May 04 - May 22, 2018

Opening 6pm-10pm

Closing Tuesday, May 22nd, 5pm

Artist Statement from Patricia Esposito – Working with the abstract and with scrap metal comes from my soul and subconscious. I call it spirit or my ancestors coming thru, giving my art a voice. Recycled materials reflecting their past is ongoing in my work. Rust fascinates me. Corrosion of many layers, colors and textures can take years to achieve the beautiful patina of its current life. Metal goes thru a metamorphosis, not unlike the colors and textures of the seasons. The contrast of earth and rust, with the harshness and coldness of steel, can live harmoniously as in some of my two and three dimensional works. It can take months and sometimes years to locate the proper scrap metal to complete a work of art. My artwork often includes the four elements, Earth, Water, Air, Fire—all present in the organic materials that nature has created and that I enjoy using in my art.

The ongoing crisis of urbanization of what is left of our wilderness is always on my mind. And so is the concern for a third world war. Some of my art pieces reflect these concerns on the environment and how it effects our life as in my Tree Zero series and in my Water, Oppenheimer’s Tears, and Hiroshima art. The pitchforks are becoming harder and harder to find, as in my Politics piece. So are organic farms and farmers vanishing from our planet to make room for GMO’s (Geneticically Modified Organisms) in our food, the main cause for many diseases. In this imperfect world my art has been said to be “perfectly imperfect.”

About Patricia Esposito – Patricia Esposito is a unique abstract multimedia artist. Her passion is boldly exploring contrasts in her use of materials. She grew up hiking in the woods of New Jersey and exploring the streets of New York City. Currently she is engaging in expeditions through the Florida Everglades. The natural decay of objects, whether in an urban or industrial area or out in the wilderness, are brought together harmoniously in her dynamic art. The juxtaposition of metal, wood, photographs and electric light thrive together as a synergistic expression in her work. All four elements of nature are always present in her powerful creations. She was one of 50 artists in 50 years of photography at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC whose work was chosen for their 50 year celebration. She also exhibited at Westbeth Gallery in NYC, Sona Gallery, Naples, Fl. Eros Gallery Naples Fl, and received award at SBDAC.

About Jay Lana – Jay Lana is a self-taught sculptor who lives in SW Florida. His artistic process began as a child when he used to dismantle various devices and then adding the components to his toys.

As he grew up other interests took his attention, he took on pencil drawing in his teenage years, but he always kept those drawings to himself. It was until three years ago he felt this urge to become a sculptor full time and create functional and decorative sculptures using reclaimed objects.

His primary source of inspiration comes from post-apocalyptic stories and other retro-futuristic art movements. His process is intuitive and his art is characterized by a heavy patina and worn-out look, often symmetric shapes, and bold compositions.

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