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Soni Yoga



Hours: Mon-Sun 7:30am-7pm 

One of Boston's most popular yoga studios has moved to downtown Ft Myers. Soni and David, the founders of SoniYoga,  are bringing their special, traditional form of Hatha Yoga to the Palm City.
Our practices are designed to bring Yoga for All of You, regardless of age, size, fitness level, experience, injuries or restrictions; come take a class. And, this is Yoga for All of You; to make you healthier, stronger, more flexible physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. That's not where we start; that's where we are going.
In each class we combine classic yoga postures in a thoughtful but light-hearted way, based on what you need, to create unique classes that work for YOU. We also bring India's ancient science of health, called Ayurveda, to each class or in private sessions. Using these amazing and simple techniques will help bring you to your optimum health.
Want to feel, look and be your absolute best? Yoga is the answer!
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