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Jet Victory Exhibition

Date: Oct 06 - Oct 25, 2017

Jet Victory is a street artist with fine art flair. His exhibition, My Robo Life, will showcase a series of exquisitely imagined works featuring robots as the main subject matter. Experience this creative collection throughout the month of October in the Grand Atrium gallery.

Jet is a local artist, born and raised around the North Fort Myers, Ca pe Coral area. Although Jet is an extremely private artist, he allowed his life to be viewed through a robot series called “My Robo Life.” Picking up a small following from his characters, Jet has gained enough courage to let many see deeper into his introverted personality. While most of Jets art outside of the bots, is extremely random, Jet likes the feel of keeping spray-paint on a surface it belongs, Brick! Which is why a brick surface is used on most of Jets work. Bringing a little bit of street to many home décor.

“Art to me has been about harnessing pain and seeing how it can be transformed into something that brings others so much beauty and enjoyment.”

6 pm at SBDAC

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